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Stethophon 04

Compact, affordable electro acoustic water leak locator to detect water leaks

displays only the “quietest” moment heard during the period
concept of minimum noise level

The Stethophon 04 is an electro acoustic water leak locator used to detect and amplify the noise from water leaks in pressurised pipes.
The Stethophon 04 incorporates an internal microphone or it may be used as a ground microphone to find water leaks with the EM35 external microphone, with base plate.

Listening stick extensions are available to detect water leaks on pipes, valves and other fittings.

The Stethophon amplifies the noise of a water leak which is shown numerically on the large clear illuminated digital display

Stethophon 04 FEATURES

Minimum Noise Level With Memory Function - Visual assistance to pinpoint water leaks

Current “Minimum” noise level: The noise of a water leak remains fairly constant, however, noise from traffic, wind, and washing machines increase and decrease.
The Stethophon ignores these transient interfering noises and displays only the “quietest” water leak noise (or other source) it has heard during the period you have been listening.

Frequency filtering
Dynamic hearing protection

Last Minimum Noise Level: The previous Minimum Noise Level is stored and displayed; are you closer or further away from the water leak in your present listening location compared to the last?
Is the water leak sound getting louder or quieter?
The higher the value on the display the nearer you are to the water leak.

Frequency filtering

The frequency filter function allows the user to listen to the sound of the water leak at the frequency that best suits their hearing and the frequencies being produced by that particular water leak.
The filters make it easier to hear water leak noises by eliminating many interfering background frequencies.
You can think of it like a graphic equaliser on your music player,choose the frequency band that makes the water leak noise clearest for you.  

Dynamic hearing protection - DHP

The Stethophon 04 water leak detector has a Dynamic Hearing Protection function which mutes the headphones when any loud or sudden noises are detected thus protecting the user's hearing from damage.

components available
wireless headphones - no irritating cables to tangle!

Wireless headphones - Sewerin Digital Radio- SDR

When finding water leaks with wired headphones, it is easy for the cable to get tangled and in the way of the user. The Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) wireless headphones do away with this problem The noise of the water leak is crisp and clear and being digital has no hiss or interference.

Applications for the Stethophon 04

  • As a simple, fast water leak detector in houses
  • For pre-locating water leaks by meter readers as part of a water companies control of water loss
  • Locating water leaks in plumbing and heating systems in buildings
  • Listening for noise caused by damage to bearings on machines

Components (some optional) of the Stethophon 04 Water Leak Locator

  • Stethophon 04 with probe tip
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Ground microphone EM35 with base plate
  • Listening sticks