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Methane gas detection survey solution


The Leakplotter is a vehicle concept which complies with the requirements for an economic survey in pipe distribution networks by driving above a buried gas pipeline.

The total system is designed in a modular way, and therefore practically every type of base vehicle is suitable for this purpose.

Light gases escape from a leak - funnel-shaped - within the ground and through the surface.

While driving above the gas pipes a sample is taken and passed on to the measuring insert. As a result leakages within the spreading funnel are being indicated and recorded by the notebook.



System Control

  • Automatic survey of connection to measuring insert
  • Permanent survey of pump flow and flame status of the FID
  • Permanent survey and display of pressure inside the fuel- and test-gas bottle
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment
  • Automatic first ignition
  • Manual ignition after "flame out" signal due to high gas concentration

Data Collection

  • Permanent record of actual speed and concentration
  • Display of all relevant data on the main screen such as speed, concentration and alarm level
  • Comments can be entered directly during the measurement
  • Actual measured concentration displayed permanently

Data Archive

  • The viewer mode allows comparing different measurements taken
  • Recorded data are stored in a data base for subsequent treatment
  • Identification of measurements by location, date and controller
  • Suitable sorting to be selected
  • Search function is implemented

Measuring Insert

  • Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID), selective for detection of hydrocarbon gases
  • Oxidiser to eliminate disturbances caused by environmental pollution or humidity
  • 40% hydrogen / 60% nitrogen fuel gas and 10 ppm methane / synth. air test gas bottles
  • Bypass and water-separator for probe inlet
  • Remote operation in case of PC breakdown
  • Mounted into 19" rack, installed in the vehicle

Suction Unit

  • Suction beam with 8 bells inclusive hose connection
  • Dust filters in every bell to avoid damage to the FID unit
  • Additional hose filters
  • Adjustable in height
  • Mounted at bumper of the measuring vehicle
  • Two sections to fit into the vehicle without wasting useful space