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Odorant Measuring - Simple and economical

Testing the odorant content of natural gases

Natural gas is by nature odorless and for safety reasons it must be provided with an odorous substance (odorants tetrahydrothiophene or tertiary butyl-mercaptan).

In Germany the odorant content of natural gases has to be tested regularly in accordance with DVGW regulation G 280/281. The EX-TEC® OD 4 is the ideal measuring device for odorant measuring by the gas supplier.

EX-TEC OD 4 Features

  • Modular instrument concept, basic device with built-in pump
  • Electro-chemical sensors
  • All commercial batteries may be used for power supply
  • Micro-processor controlled
  • Large, illuminated LCD
  • Self-test when switched-on
  • Simple operation by three keys
  • Built in Data Logging
  • Visual and optical alarms
  • Adjustable alarms
  • Temperature compensated sensors
  • User menu
  • Function menu for individual instrument configuration (PIN-Code-protected)
  • Adjustable test gas concentrations


EX-TEC OD 4 Accessories

  • GasIS (PC software) for up loading field measurements
  • Charging by 12 V/24 V DC or 100 – 240 V AC
  • Carrying bag
  • Connection hoses for various pressure ranges
  • Test set and test gases
  • Case